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Social Media Marketing

Just imagine...a user wants to praise your product on social but your social media handles are dormant, or worse...ABSENT...

Image by Sara Kurfeß

Social media is THE place to find your target audience. Depending on your business you will need to zero down on the social media platforms you want to grow your presence on. 

As an agency, we always recommend Twitter to our clients, as B2C SaaS products and apps have a huge audience out there and an incredible way to stay in close touch with your audience and customer. 

Instagram, too, could be a great choice for B2C SaaS products. Think of Canva. Think of how beautifully you can demonstrate use cases, tools, and applications to your users through reels and videos. All you need to have is a story and a presentation around it to make it perfect. 

That's exactly what we help you with. 

We help you understand the psyche of your users and help build a persona and social media strategies around them that best serve your clients. There is NO one-size-fits-all scenario going on here. Each SaaS tool is born out of a unique idea and problem statement. We help you get this communication out to your users in the manner they best understand and appreciate it. 

For B2B SaaS businesses LinkedIn and Twitter are great options. 

For every new product, they come across, users first like to check out the website and social presence to prove the credibility of the business. They then see what kind of content and communication is shared and whether they would like to stay updated on such content. 

This is how communities are built on social media. 

With credibility, social presence, and a community, it is only up and onwards for your brand.

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