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Online Marketing Strategy

Actionable strategies that will get your product to the right people at the right time...

Image by Brands&People

Most tech startup founders are often clueless about how to go about marketing their products. They have a brilliant product in place but they lack the idea and experience to get it to the target audience in the right and most cost-effective ways.


If you are one such founder, we have got you covered...

Through our strategy consultations, we help founders understand their target market better. What works for them, what doesn't, what kind of communication they will respond to, how to communicate with their users better, what to post on socials, when, how, and all of it.  

For first-time founders who are working on a tight budget with a team of interns or contractors, this works very well. You get the expertise and all you have got to do is execute it. 

Additionally, we help you understand and build your marketing knowledge in simple ways. Adding to your experience as a Founder and also helping you grow fast by avoiding the usual mistakes and pitfalls. 

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