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Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial to demand generation. Targeting the right audience, communicating with them through the right channels, and educating them on how your product makes their lives better.  

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Content marketing is core to the new-age digital business. As the name mentions, content marketing relates to everything you regard as content. Right from your blog posts, organic social media posts, your lead magnets (ebooks, planners, whitepapers), newsletters, email, et al.


Content marketing aims to educate the customer about your industry, product, but in a way that feels very organic, i.e. not salesy. As such, getting content marketing right is an art.


You don't want to push your prospects, you want to pull them towards you. Hence, the term demand generation. Telling prospects what they have been missing out on and how your product makes their lives easier, all the while being subtle about it. Educating them all the way and making them feel more knowledgeable at the end of each post. VALUE lies at the core of content marketing. Done right, content marketing can improve your ad conversion rates. 


Be Seen, Be Heard, Stay on Top of Your Customers' Mind At All Times



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