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A branding exercise doesn't just begin and end with a name and logo. In fact, the process of branding starts way before you even conceptualize the logo and name. It starts with a thought and a discussion. A discussion about WHO the brand really is.

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At DigiWitch, we help you find out the personality that is your brand.


"Why bother?", you ask.

Well, it's because people buy things that they trust. They buy from people. They like to relate and vibe with an idea before they actually jump in and whip out their wallets. 

To build trust, get high LTV, and build loyalty that lasts a lifetime and brings you steady referrals you need a brand in place. It's a brand that makes people pay insane amounts to associate with it. Think luxury brands like Hermés, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex. Of course, the product they provide is high quality but it still does not justify the amount you shell out for it. But people still do. 

It's because they trust the brand and what it stands for. And this is exactly what you'll need for your brand, as well.


A presence. A personality. A voice. A tone. A unified message. 

Having a cohesive presence online and offline, with the same messaging and voice throughout, will create trust in your brand for your clients. They will know what to expect from you and in time, that trust will lead to a higher recall, LTV, and a willingness to refer you to others. The next time they will need a service/product you provide, they will think of you in terms of your social media post, logo, colors, in short, the personification of your brand.



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