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Meet Proma Nautiyal, the owner and the face behind DigiWitch. Proma is a content marketer, strategist, and writer with over a decade's worth of experience.

Proma provides her expertise as a fractional CMO and Marketing Head for clients. She also provides and oversees end-to-end marketing services to her clients through DigiWitch. Her background in Finance, her expertise in marketing, and her passion for all things tech make her the go-to marketer in the Fintech space. 


Her philosophy when it comes to marketing is simple. People sell products and services to people. Therefore, the key to good marketing lies in understanding those people, their needs, and finding a way to match your offering to their needs and showing them that all they need to do to achieve their vision of a perfect life is to choose YOU. 

It's all about connecting with people. And that's where EMPATHY comes in and thrives.

Proma loves writing, as well. A published author, with 2 books in the pipeline, she has been compulsively tapping away on her keyboard since 2011, churning out copies for clients across industries and geographies. From lifestyle, tech, education, finance, and marketing she has written over 4000+ articles to date and loves to network with like-minded professionals. 


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Proma Nautiyal
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