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How to Reach B2B Buyers in 2023: Adapting to the New B2B Marketing Journey

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

How to get buyers through B2B marketing

The landscape of B2B sales and marketing is constantly evolving, and understanding how to reach B2B buyers effectively in 2023 is crucial for business success.

In recent years, the B2B buyer journey has undergone significant transformation, with the rapid growth of digital platforms and shifting buyer behavior.

To keep up with these changes, it's essential to adapt your marketing and sales strategies.

In this blog post, we'll explore key insights that delve into the new B2B buyer journey and offers valuable advice for businesses like yours that are looking to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Leverage the Power of Digital Platforms

As the B2B buyer journey continues to evolve, digital platforms are increasingly important in connecting with potential customers.

Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers now use digital channels to research products and services, highlighting the need for businesses to have a strong online presence.

To reach your target audience effectively, prioritize the following digital channels:

  • Website: Ensure that your website is user-friendly, informative, and optimized for search engines. It should offer high-quality content that addresses the needs and pain points of your target audience.

  • Social media: Use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with your audience, share valuable content, and build brand awareness.

  • Email marketing: Develop targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and keep your brand top-of-mind for potential buyers.

Develop Personalized and Buyer-Centric Content for B2B Marketing

Personalization is key in the modern B2B buyer journey. Research shows that 80% of buyers are more likely to do business with companies that provide personalized experiences. To create personalized and buyer-centric content, consider the following steps:

Understand your buyer personas

Develop detailed buyer personas to better understand your target audience's needs, preferences, and pain points. Use this information to tailor your marketing efforts.

Create targeted content

Produce content that is specifically designed for each buyer persona, addressing their unique needs and challenges. This can include blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and videos.

Implement account-based marketing (ABM) strategies

ABM is an approach to marketing that targets specific accounts or companies. By focusing your marketing efforts on a select group of high-value accounts, you can deliver personalized content and experiences that resonate with each target.

Emphasize Trust and Transparency

In today's business landscape, trust and transparency are more important than ever. B2B buyers are looking for vendors that they can trust, and being transparent in your communications can go a long way in building that trust. To emphasize trust and transparency:

Be open about your pricing

Clearly display your pricing on your website, and make it easy for potential buyers to understand the costs associated with your product or service.

Showcase customer success stories

Share case studies and testimonials that demonstrate how your product or service has helped other businesses achieve their goals.

Offer free trials or demos

Give potential buyers the opportunity to try your product or service before committing to a purchase. This can help alleviate any doubts and demonstrate the value of your offering.

Optimize Your Sales Process for the Modern B2B Buyer

As the B2B buyer journey changes, your sales process must adapt to align with new buyer preferences. To optimize your sales process:

Offer self-service options

Many B2B buyers prefer to research and make purchase decisions independently. Provide self-service options on your website, such as chatbots or self-guided product tours, to empower buyers to find the information they need on their own.

Train your sales team

Equip your sales team with the skills and knowledge they need to engage with today's B2B buyers effectively. This includes understanding buyer personas, being proficient in digital communication tools, and mastering the art of consultative selling.

Align sales and marketing efforts

Ensure that your sales and marketing teams work together seamlessly to create a consistent and effective buyer journey. Share insights and data between teams to create a unified approach and improve overall performance.

Focus on relationship building

In the age of digital transformation, personal connections still matter. Encourage your sales team to focus on building genuine relationships with potential buyers, offering support and guidance rather than pushing for a quick sale.

Analyze and Adapt to Buyer Behavior

To stay ahead of the competition and effectively reach B2B buyers in 2023, it's essential to continually analyze buyer behavior and adapt your strategies accordingly. Keep track of the following:

Monitor website analytics

Regularly review your website analytics to gain insights into how buyers are interacting with your content. Use this information to optimize your website and improve the user experience.

Track content performance

Assess the performance of your content marketing efforts to identify what resonates with your target audience. Continuously refine and update your content strategy based on these findings.

Gather feedback from buyers

Encourage buyers to share their experiences and feedback. This invaluable information can help you identify areas for improvement and better align your marketing and sales efforts with buyer expectations.


Successfully reaching B2B buyers in 2023 requires a deep understanding of the evolving B2B buyer journey and a willingness to adapt your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

By leveraging digital platforms, developing personalized and buyer-centric content, emphasizing trust and transparency, optimizing your sales process, and analyzing buyer behavior, you can position your business for success in this rapidly changing landscape.

Stay informed, be agile, and keep your focus on the needs and preferences of today's B2B buyers to stay ahead in the game.

Need help with the B2B marketing strategy for your brand? Feel free to schedule a free 30 min consultation with our founder who is known for her deep strategy skills that'll make marketing feels less like an exhausting pinball machine for you and more like a Hot Wheels Track set.


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