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It's their trust in you and the belief that they are getting their money's worth from you. 

What would make people open their wallets to you and say "Take my money!"?

That sounds good...but how do I make that happen? Sounds like too much work... 


It actually is a ton of work and like it's always said "a good time to start marketing is yesterday." But don't worry, we deal in magic and can make impossible things actually possible here at DigiWitch

To start with, we will focus on the two core concepts every company, brand, and product should have in place without a second thought:

A strong brand
A killer marketing strategy

Let's talk about branding...

Branding does not start and end with a logo and a name. It is so much more than that. A branding exercise done right gives your product/company a name and face with its own unique personality. 

The reason this matters so much is that you want your customers to relate to your brand and the qualities you attach to it. Without a proper brand, your offering seems just like another scream at the concert, while with a brand, you get featured with a mic in your hand. It sets you apart in a sea of competitors.
You are seen as stronger, bolder, and more sophisticated with an actual serious presence in the market. 

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The next step is building awareness around your brand and offering and this is where content marketing steps in...

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You might have a great product but you can't get people to sign up for it till they know about it...

3 things come into play here which can make you a leader in your space if done right...

     Educating the customer
     Building Brand Awareness
     Always in sight (never out of mind)

Need help with branding


content marketing

Content Marketing




Email Marketing


Strategy Consultation

And we help you do all this with...

How do we do it?

We conduct thorough primary and secondary research to build actionable marketing strategies.  We employ use cases to create buyer personas and map a customer journey for them.

We then implement content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing to raise awareness for your brand by giving it a voice and presence in the market.

We then go ahead and create some of the most
WOW copies ever written and serve them up with love to your audience. 

Our strategy exercise is an experience in itself...

Marketing is often spoken about in relation to psychology and philosophy. The process of carving out a strategy for your tech product is one such amazing journey of self-discovery through a series of chill talks over coffee.

The human mind is complicated and a brand is an image of that mind. It takes a good understanding of psychology and the ability to strike honest conversations and of course, out-of-the-box thinking to make it right. 

No more spacing out when it comes to marketing!! 

Drop us an email or feel free to book a meeting with us to find out how we can get your product more eyeballs...

Chezare Elefthero, Founder-Mezlac.png

Chezare Eleftehero 
Founder, Mezlac, Mexico

DigiWitch helped us a lot in creating buyer personas and targeted content for Mezlac. Proma helped us create a marketing strategy, plan, and social media content that was aligned with our mission, vision, and overall objective. Thanks to that, we were able to reach the right people, sell Mezlac products and build awareness in the process. We recommend DigiWitch if you want to shape your business to your vision. 

Client Speak


Vikshak Prakash
Co-Founder, Edvolve

Proma is a thought leader in her space and I've had the pleasure of working with her for several months, where she managed our marketing end-to-end. She is always hungry for bigger goals and inspires us in the core team to think bigger. With tons of learnings from her, she can be a remarkable asset to work side-by-side with.

Empathy has been her forte and I found her to be the perfect fit for startups that are looking to 10x their brand reach. She can devise her OKRs well as per the business goals and can drive the initiatives with resources in place all on her own.

Ankita sahni_DigiWitch.png

Ankita Sahni 
Fitness Instructor & Influencer,
Mama Be Fit

DigiWitch is your one-stop-shop for everything Digital...right from excellent content to great tips to market your content, you will find it all at DigiWitch.

Proma is a wonder woman with words and strategies, and will never give you any advice which is too good to be true. She focuses on quality over quantity and ensures her clients understand how to communicate their value proposition to their TG in the most innovative ways.

She is always available to help you through your doubts and dilemmas and makes for a great guide.

Write to us...

If you recognize the fact that markets are changing at a mad pace and marketing your product right might be one of the best ways to make your business future stand out in the commotion.

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