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5 Email Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Email marketing is classic. It's not going to go out of style or function anytime soon.

In fact, this 40 years old marketing method has become more strong in the past one and half years where end users have been receiving 30% more emails than earlier. Email open rates have also gone higher signalling that people are now more comfortable letting brands into their inbox given they provide value.

Let's quickly take a look at 5 email marketing trends that are going to rule 2022.

Minimal emails will see better adoption

Clean email designs that are minimalistic and easy for the reader to scan and get the gist of is going to be a major trend. With the surge in the amount of information that we are being subject to on a daily basis, our attention spans are going for a toss. In this, receiving an email that seems more like an email and less like an ad can do very well in the inbox with better open and click through rates.

Adding more meat to messaging

It's time to recognise email marketing as the customer experience powerhouse it is. Use it efficiently to drive communication with your target audience. Customise the content and write it in a way that drives a feel good factor when they read the emails. Add in a poll, ask them a question, make them spin a wheel or fill a short form. This step has a lot more to do with creative copywriting than adding dynamic content to your emails.

Making it more interactive

While we are on the topic of making the message meatier, let's talk about AMPs in emails. AMP is the short form for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It allows email marketers to deliver personalised experiences across email services, including Gmail and Yahoo. Usually, an email contains a link that takes the user to another website where they take action to convert into customer. AMP allows users to take actions directly while still being on the email and not having to move away from the email application.

Interactive marketing is still in a nascent stage with only 23% marketers using this feature to help end users fill forms or add products to cart right from their emails. This feature is most certainly set for success.

Preference management in emails

Email preference management gives subscribers the power to manage when they want to receive their emails and at what frequency. What this does for marketers is providing them with the option of hyper segmentation, thereby ensuring end users receive emails at the right time with the right message. The ability to improve subscriber experience substantially improves and is noted to bring in 10 times more responses from users which lead to better engagement rates.

AI will continue to play its role

AI will continue to help marketers create winning campaigns with improved insights and better decision making as to message and timing it. Further, AI is going to help with improved audience selection thereby helping send high impact content to users. GPT3 powered AI writers will help create engaging subject like with higher click rates and personalised message for users. Optimised delivery time for higher engagement is yet another plus when it comes to using AI in email marketing.

In conclusion

Email marketing has been changing constantly over the last 4 decades. Marketers would fare well to heed the predictions and hop on to the email marketing bandwagon to enjoy better open and click through rates with curiosity arousing and simplified messaging before it's too late.


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