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Is This Element Missing From Your Facebook Ads?

Updated: May 18, 2023

why are your facebook ads not working

For every business, big or small, social media marketing has become an absolute must.

With almost every consumer using a smart device, marketers and business owners are not left with any other choice. If they want to reach their target audience, which is increasingly becoming a pool of millennials, then they need to accept the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to reach this generation.

Traditional advertising still goes strong but if you do not have the right presence in the social media networks then you are not using your marketing methods to the optimum level.

However, just having a portion of your marketing spend covering the social media marketing portion isn't enough. Posting 280 characters, an attractive creative on a daily basis, or some really smart and quick-witted words doesn't cut it.

Digital Marketing (

Digital Marketing as a whole and social media marketing, specifically, serves a much larger purpose than just telling people that your product exists or pitting your services against that of the competitors'; it actually tells them about your product.

Digital marketing helps you create awareness about your service or product offering and even the industry you are operating in and thus helps the target audience connect with the product or service in a better way.

So, instead of telling the audience that they should buy your product or why they should buy it, creating awareness is all about how the product can help or benefit them.

How to make Facebook Ads work well for you?

Digital Marketing and Facebook Advertising

If you have been putting your money into Facebook ads and Instagram advertising campaigns or into a monthly social media marketing spend and the analytics don't impress you much, then you must look into creating the Awareness part. Only by taking the entire process of inbound and digital marketing seriously, instead of only taking social media marketing into consideration, can you find the desired results you are looking for.

Here are a few simple steps to start off with to ensure more website visitors and conversions for the money you are investing in Facebook and Instagram advertising:

  1. Create an attractive creative following Facebook's 20 percent text rule.

  2. Ensure you have a crisp post and link description that stick to the word count guidelines as defined by Facebook.

  3. Make sure the link you provide leads to something of value or what you have promised in the ad.

  4. Create a dedicated landing page or maybe a blog post that provides value to your visitors. It could be industry-related information or a catchy catalog of your products.

  5. Invite them to share their email ID and name with you so that you can share some free goodies with them. It could be a webinar, an ebook, a checklist or a template, or even the promise of sharing some useful industry updates or latest catalogs via newsletters.

Some points to consider:

When you are advertising on social media, chances are that your target audience might not be real outright to hit the "buy" or "book now" button. They might not be ready to commit or make a purchase there and then. In case they are not ready, then taking them to a landing page that pushes them to buy or register might now be the best idea.

In these cases, the idea is to use the ad to create interest and awareness in their minds and once you have earned their email ID or other contact information to help you build a longer relationship, you can lead them further to your product catalog or services page to complete a transaction.

First, let them know your product and understand your business. If they don't know you, they would like to learn more about you first and then buy from you. If they are familiar with your brand and they really want to buy, they will go ahead and buy the product there and then.

Here's why you should do as I mentioned above:

The benefit you gather by bringing your target audience to a page that helps them understand the value they get from your business rather than just showing them your products is to help them strike an emotional chord that will help them remember your brand rather than the products you sell.

For any business, their products and services are topmost in their minds; however, for the target audience, there are many options, variants, and brands that are fighting for a space on their shelf. It is only by creating a happy memory that promises to provide them with good value, can you ensure long-term impact.

By following the above-mentioned list you are not only ensuring that your visitors spend more time on your website, getting to know your business and offerings better, but also helping you build a strong, self-built mailing list, one of the biggest tools in inbound and content marketing.

As marketers, we always try to ensure that our product looks amazing to our target audience, but the key to successful marketing is to make people feel amazing when they consider having your product in their life. Brands that have hit the emotional chord successfully have gone on to become giants in the history of marketing and advertising.

Ready to start advertising and creating awareness on social media and take your brand to the next level? It's the best step you can take your business forward.

Need some help? I would be happy to assist you in building ad implementing the perfect strategy that is best suited for your industry and business. To get started drop me an email and schedule a free consultation. Would be happy to hear from you!

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