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Winning Over the Age-Old Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 6

Winning Over the Age-Old Writer's Block

Writers often face a problem known as the Writer's Block. I did not believe that any such thing could exist. I am all for "Power of the Mind" and gauging this power to the fullest. However, ever since I started writing my first book, I realized that my mind was far from being tamed.

"Oh! the vast green pastures it would run through... The long sips of Chardonnay it would take. The horrors of what can go wrong it would concoct... The mind-games it would play."

-Proma Nautiyal

And hence, started the painful process of unblocking my Writer's block. I would stare at my laptop's screen like a zombie longing to take a bite of a fresh brain, but the ideas just wouldn't come. For every 5 words I would type, I would hit backspace at least 20 times, just out of pure frustration.

After some time, the mind block led to insomnia. If I couldn't write, I couldn't sleep. The less I slept, the more foggy my mind became.

Finally, I realized one thing. Nobody made me swear that I couldn't write anything else apart from my book. Voila!

The moment the burden of the book was off from my shoulders, words flew through my fingers like 'Expecto Patronum' from Harry Potter's wand. I was writing again. I wrote proper stuff that was readable. That gave me the mental boost I needed to feel confident, as a writer.

So, if ever you find yourself facing writer's block while writing a particular piece, don't force yourself. Even a glass of Chardonnay or a cup of hot chocolate won't do any good as trying your hand at writing something else, altogether. This will give you a feeling of "NOT GIVING UP"...just trying something else which is not as demanding.

Life throws at us chores, easy and difficult, things that we can't turn our back against. But, it is always our approach that spells success at the end of the day. Being positive, not giving up. Just adopting a different approach.

And yes, never deny yourself some good sleep. Take it from this zombie, jabbing away at the keyboard.

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