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What is the Similarity Between Acting and Content Writing?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A Scene from His Girl Friday

A couple of days back, when I was writing a blog post for one of my clients, a thought crossed my mind. Every time, I wrote for a client, each from a different industry than the other, I wrote thinking of their company, as my own. Every time, I strategized methods of reaching out to their target audience, I thought, "How can I get them to choose OUR services over that of OUR competitors?" I realized, I was not just writing words to be posted online for my clients; it was a conscious attempt to get people to like OUR brand and choose it over others.

I am sure that this is the approach all content marketers and writers take when writing for their clients, so they might also agree with this weird analogy that I am going to draw, now.

We have often heard actors talking about, how in order to play their part perfectly in any movie, they research a lot. They delve into the character they are playing and try to become them while shooting the movie.

Why do they do it? To create a real life kind of an effect. To make it seem as real, as relatable as possible.

If you look closely at the words I marked in bold in the last two paragraphs, you will find this is exactly what we do as content/copywriters.

For every article we write, we do a lot of research. We then delve into the article and write it with conviction, as if it is our product/service offering we are talking about. It's success and failure depends on us, so better make it a roaring success.

And finally, writing it in a way that it becomes real for our target audience. We reach to them through their phone and laptop screens and tell them how we can help them out, or at least introduce ourselves to them. We are then, not just a brand/product/service, but a genuine human presence.

The same thing that the actor tries to do by bringing in emotions, actions, and flawless dialogue delivery to the movies they work in, we do it in our own way.

This post comes from a person who was part of her school and college's drama club and loves acting, till date (that'd be me) and also happens to be a content/copywriter. Just some musings that I thought I will share with you. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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