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Beat "Stress" Like a Boss

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Stress is not an unknown term for any of us living fast lives, in this digital age. The more apps we add to the list to make our lives easier, the more we end up taking further tasks on our plate.

We forget, it is us who are navigating the apps and machines and at the end of the day, they need our control and supervision to function. The moment this realization hits us, we can gauge the stress levels rising.

We all have different reactions to stress. Some of us take it on like a boss and others feel burdened and claustrophobic under the pressure. Given the many negative effects that it can lead to, it is important to treat it right at the bud.

We can't fight our schedule, but we can most definitely manage our time, better. I often wish there were 36 hours in a day so that I could sit down and read a book, or maybe watch a movie, or just go for a stroll. Why can't I do it, anyways?

"Because, somewhere in my mind, a little voice is telling me that I could do something more productive during that time. The opportunity cost of time, is a rich one."

I know, I couldn't be more wrong. A little time spent relaxing with your favorite person, movie, or book can do you a whole world of good. So, since, knowing all the facts I still march on not allowing myself spend time on so-called "unproductive tasks", I have found out a few other ways of dealing with stress, without having to think about the opportunity cost of time.

Drink plenty of water

This is one tip that can help you combat not only stress, but also, anxiety, improve your immunity, help you remember things and finally, boost your energy levels. Unfortunately, we often substitute this awesome drink with coffee, tea, soda etc. That is understandable, too. What would we do sans caffeine in our body. It helps keep us awake and focused to get all our tasks done. So yes, caffeine intake is fine, as long as you are not replacing water intake with it. In fact, caffeine might actually trigger the release of cortisol (stress hormones), so it is actually preferable if you do keep it to a minimum.

Listen to music

One of the best stress medicines of all times. Let some music play in the background while you work. Customize the music depending on your chore. Thanks to YouTube there are so many types of music you have access to. There are ones that increase concentration for work that requires focus; high-powered salsa-zumba-aerobics music for your workout sessions or even when you are cleaning up your home, music to lull you to sleep, and music for meditation. Try it out! If you don't do this already it might require some practice, but I promise you, it will help, manifold.

Girl listening to music

How does music help?

From my point of view, it cancels out the noise in our head and also surrounding noises. Even when we are working on something, our mind tends to stray. Multiple thoughts in our mind reduce productivity and thus affects our patience levels, leading to stress. Music stops our mind from straying. Our mind strays and hits music, face-first, feels relaxed and comes back to focus on our work. With some practice you can truly master this technique.

Eat lots of almonds and prunes

When you feel energetic you hardly feel stressed. For energy you need to eat. But if you end up eating a lot, you feel sleepy. So, there you have a vicious cycle. To break this cycle, introduce almonds and prunes into your diet. These two super-foods help you in beating stress.


Prunes are loaded with iron which keeps fatigue and irritability at bay. It reduces blood pressure, making you feel calmer and also reduces appetite which can help a lot if you are trying to keep fit.


Almonds pack in all the minerals needed to reduce stress and regulate mood. It is packed with magnesium and B-Vitamins to help make this possible.

Meditate before sleeping

The peace that meditation brings to people is well-known. But it can work like magic if you meditate before going to sleep, undisturbed and pure happiness. The kind of sleep where you wake up super fresh and full of energy. For some people, meditation could also mean read

These methods have helped me a lot, and I hope you find some value in it, too.

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