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If you are into selling premium or semi-precious jewelry, you need to have this set. Do your gorgeous designs justice with a set of templates that bring out the radiance of your gorgeous designs and through some flattering social media posts. The set contains posts for:


💎 New arrivals (make aware)

💎 Sale announcements (promote & sell)

💎 Q&A (answer doubts)

💎 Tips (educate)

💎 Discounts

💎 Memes/humor

💎 Giveaways

💎 Restock announcements

💎 Coming soon/Launch announcements

💎 Special collections (Wedding/Summer)

💎 Poll


FREE UP YOUR TIME to concentrate on your designs, procurement, and delivery. Social media should not be eating so much into your entrepreneurial hours. Especially design when you can get a repurposable set for one-tenth of the price (or even lesser) that you would pay a designer for the same designs. 


Just replace the colors with your brand colors, change the images with your designs, and add your logo, and voila! There are your attractive social media posts for Instagram ready to be posted and a grid that looks heavenly. 


Need a scroll stopper for your jewelry business? We got you covered. 


Go ahead and get this collection and as a thank you, we will add our Canva Basic Guide along with your purchase for FREE! This guide will fast-track how you use Canva and will add more hours to your day for that cup of coffee while you chill and ideate (or binge-watch on Netflix, cause you deserve it!)


Have any questions? Feel free to send us an email at







Luxe Social Media Templates for Jewelry Brands

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