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You know you cannot do without SEO if you want your product and brand to be known and found on the internet. 


But how do you even get started on it?


Most founders, tech or non-tech, grapple with what SEO is and how to use it in their business. 


Hiring an agency might seem expensive at the very beginning.


But how else do you navigate through a complicated topic like SEO let alone secure rankings for your brand?


Simple. You can do it yourself. 


I wrote this book for my dad. He learned SEO from this book. He is an utterly curious person and like parents often ask "How does <this> work?" he asked me about SEO. 


Instead of having a step-by-step tutorial, I wrote this book instead.


Don't worry, this is definitely not slow-paced. 


It captures everything you need to know about getting started with SEO, right from keyword research, tools you should be using, how to look for the right topics, to link strategy. 


If you are a founder, you need this book in life. 


And that's why, I am keeping this book free for a while. 


I want to take the fear out of SEO like many people fear Math. 


It's simple. Straightforward. You just need to get the concept right. 


Go ahead and download it. It's a crisp read. Keep a Semrush account handy, and get started. 


Do drop me a review. I would really appreciate it. :)

The Confused Entrepreneur's Guide to SEO

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