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Talk More, Connect More

When you are trying to build a brand on the digital platform, you will have to get around and find out how you can connect better.

Why digital sounds soulless to most people, especially, generations preceding millennials and gen z, the fact is that the digital platform is the new world. And there is no shying away from it.

People know what is on your mind right now. However, that is where the key to establishing trustworthy connections lie.

Whether you are a company or an individual, the only way you can strike a connection is by being authentic and letting people know about you.

You don't need to turn your social media into your personal diary, however, you can share your thoughts and snippets from your life that can safely connect you to your target audience.

This is a thing that comes pretty easily to gen Z, as they were literally born with smartphones in their hands.

For the rest of us, including millennials, this exercise is daunting, yet doable.

Whether you want to achieve influencer status in your network or want more people to know your brand (for that, too, your being an influencer can help manifold), you need to start sharing more.

In order to share relevant content that builds people's trust in your brand you can adopt the following steps:

Read more

Consume content like crazy.

There is no better way of creating wonderful content. The more you read, the more your mind expands.

You will start building your own thoughts about the case/subject in point and that will be your pitch.

That will be your gift to your followers. Don't worry about the topic being talked about already.

It's true, great minds do think alike, but they are also entitled to have different opinions about the same topic.

This is the space you need to operate in and create your stellar content.

Talk to your audience

Instead of offering listicles straight up, or stats on the go, talk to your audience the way you would if they were sitting right in front of you.

The importance of the conversational tone cannot be undermined.

Remember, in some odd way, every piece of content has some purpose behind it.

It could be awareness, sales, increased followership, etc., so you need to be very careful when crafting your words.

Make sure you don't sound sales-focused. While you are creating the content, your sole purpose should be to ensure your audience gets you and gets value from what you have to offer.

Share curated content

You don't have to squeeze yourself dry creating content, all the time.

Wield the power of curated content. Share relevant links and content from influencers in your industry.

Add a few lines along with the shared content to let your audience know what you think about the piece.

That way, it does not seem like mindless content sharing.

Use tools

Social media channels give you access to plenty of tools to share your thoughts, actions, and stories online.

Tools like Instagram stories, IG TV, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Native videos, Snapchat games, help you find new and interesting ways of connecting with your target audience.

Use these tools to the fullest. Microblog. Share quotes that are close to your heart using fancy graphics using tools like Canva.


There is so much you can do to boost your presence online. The options are limitless.

And one more thing right now is the right time. If you really want to build a brand, start now.

With every day you push your branding efforts, your competitors get stronger.

If you are a business brand or a professional who is looking at building their brand and audience reach but don't know where to start, then start by dropping us a note and scheduling a free 30-minute consultation where we can give you an idea of what should be your next step.

Until next time, cheerios!

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