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Radio Mirchi Adds More Fire to its Being(Turns Mirchi)

Radio Mirchi, the popular national radio channel, has dropped the word Radio from its name, thereby establishing itself as a Digital Content Creation entity that is no more just bound by the identity of a diverse radio network.

This move is a smart and innovative one that signifies what keeping up with times and needs of the market means. A bold move to become more aligned to what their target audience actually needs.

The actual target audience for any platform, be it radio, television, or social media platforms like Facebook are brands and marketers who are their true revenue generators. The platforms offer space and airtime to brands to showcase their products or services through ads. However, the platforms also happen to be the ones who understand the choices and preferences of the users of the platform, often better than the brands' understanding. These platforms are privy to consumer behaviour, which makes them the best people to know what suits whom. What should be pitched to whom and how.

Brands working with radio mirchi understood this. They sought the insights and expertise of Radio Mirchi to help them build content that would appeal to their particular target audience.

Radio stations also happen to have an in-house team that creates scripts, jingles, content, and delivery. Mirchi saw the need in the market. Brands needed their understanding of consumer behaviour and they had the benefit of a content creation team, as well. This was the time to evolve into something much bigger than Radio Mirchi has ever been, and hence it turned into Mirchi.

The Mirchi Brewery is in-charge of ideation, planning, and executing skilfully conceptualised content. The many RJs who currently work with Mirchi, are the perfect people to serve as influencers for the platform's creative content. In short, Mirchi is now the one-stop shop for brands who want excellent content, based on real market insights and consumer behaviour.

Mirchi's story is one of persistence in creating brand awareness where it reached not just masses across India, but also kept evolving with changing times. By building robust brand awareness and presence through all these decades and providing services that matched its name, it was able to make this significant leap.

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