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5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Marketers

Updated: May 18, 2023

The Martech space is brimming with tools, dashboards, and automation to make life easier for marketers. These social media tools are helpful in a number of ways. They help content marketers and social media managers plan their content, create them, schedule and post them and also view audience engagement on each post.

This is fantastic way to gauge engagement, review strategy and pivot if needed. But there's a slight problem.

Like we said, the app and tool space is flooded with software which can help make the life of marketers easier. However, the sheer volume of such tools makes it difficult for marketers to zero down on which ones would be both efficient and cost effective and get started ASAP. After all, most people don't like skimming through multiple pricing options and going through zillions of features while chugging 50 gallons of coffee, just to end up with brain fog.

So, DigiWitch has curated a list of 5 Must-Have tools that are perfect for agencies, solopreneurs, freelancers and content creators alike. They are pocket-friendly options that offer a wide variety of features, awesome support, and of course, we have personally used each one of them (FREE and PRO versions) to come to this page and type out this heartfelt recommendation.

And yes, we have also added codes to some of the tools that'll give you some kind of benefit or the other in the form of free credits or access benefits.

Let's get on with it.


Never miss posting the right content at the right time with Publer. Easy UI/UX with tons of app integrations to help you create and post the best content out there. Publer comes with tons of amazing app integrations, like Canva, Crello, and wait for it...Link in Bio. It's content calendar feature is really neat and they also offer an inbuilt feature of accessing holiday calendar right from the content calendar. This allows you to plan and create focused, memorial or celebratory content without fail.

You can check out the pricing and feature list over here. Choose your plan and go ahead and start creating amazing content.


The superhero of design lovers, globally, does not need a separate introduction. Canva has been growing rapidly and has created a robust platform which is not just feature rich but also inspiration rich. It is the place non-design folks would also fall in love with. As PRO users, we can vouch for the fact that if you think design and want an easy to use UX/UI to create your content, then Canva is your go-to design tool.

One of our favourite integrations is the Canva-Publer integration which allows users to share their designs directly to Publer from Canva, and upload/schedule the content directly through Publer, without downloading the image and uploading it to the scheduling site. Talk about seamless integrations.

Canva is a free tool and you can go ahead and start using it right away. If you would like to go pro to access the gorgeous assets and rich features like mockups on the Canva platform, then that's great, too.

Start using Canva with this code to get a free Canva credit which will allow you to a get a premium element for free.

Hashtag Slayer

Hashtags are one of the most efficient engagement tools you will find on social media. Right from getting more eyeballs to your social posts to helping categorise the kind of content you are sharing, they do a lot.

However, creating a bunch of new, relevant hashtags every now and the could be tiring for social media managers and content marketers. Also, solopreneurs or coaches managing their own social media handles, might not feel comfortable spending tons of time researching and making lists of hashtags.

This is where Hashtag Slayer comes in.

The tool is best when it comes to coaches or managers handling social media for coaches. You can use the tool for Ecommerce and B2C offerings as well. To tools lets you analyze competitors, discover the top hashtags in your niche, and boost reach with an optimised set of hashtags for every post.

The reason this is more important today than ever before is because the algorithm reads the same set of hashtags repeated over and over, again as spam. And you wouldn't like to be considered yourself as a SPAM account just because of the same set of hashtags you've been using time and again, right?

We don't have any code for Hashtag Slayer right now, but the moment we do, we will share it with you for sure.


With Lightricks app bundle, content marketers and creators might feel like you have stumbled upon some kind of social media infinity stone. They have neatly arranged their products into kits that bundle in the apps you need to take care of your particular objectives.

  • Social Media Kit

  • Creativity Kit

  • Small Business Kit

Facetune, Videoleap, Beatleap, Photoleap, Filtertune, Seen, Motionleap and Artleap are some of the finest creative tools offered by Lightricks. You can download a single app or buy the entire app bundle, as per your requirements. They allow a free trial period for you to explore the app and find out if it indeed is the best for you.


LIVE streaming has become a powerful tool of engaging with audience in real time, answering questions, listening to their thoughts, while being able to host guests who are thought leaders in their space to add value to your audience.

There are multiple live streaming platforms that have come up with a large number of features. But as a solopreneur, coach, or agency who might not want to spend a lot on streaming services but also access premium features like unlimited streams, custom branding, up to 4 guests, multiple layout and simulcasting options.

Be.Live is one of the best streaming platforms out there that offer all these basic features at an unbeatable price and also offer the option to upgrade your plan to gain more features.

You can sign up with this code to get a $10 credit to stat off with.

Wrapping up

These are our go-to tools and we swear by these. Cost-effectiveness, easy integrations, and easy support are factors we consider when choosing any software or tool. So, go ahead and give these tools a shot. Use the freebies that come with the code and make the most of them. Once you feel comfortable enough using them, level up and Pro your game.

If you liked this post, do "like" it and share it with your network. Awesome things are meant for sharing and growing together. Also, do comment and let us know about the tools you swear by and can't live without. We might want to give it a shot, too!''

Note: When you use the links to sign up on the platforms and receive free credits, we receive some credits, too (from some of the platforms). This will have no impact on your share of credit whatsoever.


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