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All You Need to Know About Tweetstorm

All You Need to Know About Tweetstorm

Twitter, recently, recognized Tweetstorm as an official feature of the app. Given, the recent update of including 280 characters instead of the precious 140, Twitter showed its users that it wants them to have enough space to express themselves, properly.

While the 280 character update was a welcome relief to many users, the official tweetstorm update is going to be extremely helpful users and especially, to content marketers.

Storytelling is gaining major traction when it comes to content marketing. Twitter with its 280 characters wasn't allowing as much to cover a complete story.

This is where tweetstorm comes in. You can link more tweets to your original one, and tweet the entire thread, together. This is much like the reply thread that we have on each tweet. To read the entire thread, you need to click the "show this thread" link.

Tweetstorms appear like normal tweets in your timeline. It could show the original tweet along with two more tweets. You can then click on the thread to continue reading.

Features like hashtags, retweets, images, and mentions in tweetstorms will work normally like other tweets.

How to create a Tweetstorm?

You can start creating a Tweetstorm like a normal tweet. Once your first tweet is complete (it does not need to be a complete 280 character tweet), you can hit the "+" sign on the lower right corner of the Tweet screen (just above the letter "P" on the QWERTY board).

You can then continue to add a couple of more tweets. When you are done, you can go ahead and hit the "Tweet all" button on the upper right corner of the screen. You are then shown a notification of your thread being tweeted, much like the one you get when a FB video/album is being uploaded. And that's it. Your complete story in one Tweet thread.

No more do you need to complete your stories in the comment section, as now Twitter gives you all the space you require for the same.

Tweetstorms started with Venture capitalist & Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Andreessen, who has been famously dubbed "The Father of the Tweetstorm" when he started linking his tweets in a thread format. His way of tweeting about his thoughts in a long threaded tweet, caught eyeballs and interest.

Are you ready to start tweetstorming? You might need to wait a bit before Twitter rolls out the official update to iOS and android devices in a couple of weeks.

Check out my blog on Storytelling: Right from the Horse's Mouth, to find out ways in which you can use effective storytelling concepts to keep your readers hooked and get your message across.

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