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Easy Tools to Create Great Visual Content in Little Time

Awesome visual content is something that draws eyeballs to your blogs and posts. That and, of course, an eye-catching and curiosity-arousing title.

As a digital marketer, I need to create lots of visual content, continuously, for my clients.

I create promotions, visual content for blogs, GIFs, animations, et al.

Thanks to some of the amazing tools we have here these days, creating visual content has become more fun and happening, than it was earlier.

The astounding amount of royalty-free pictures that are available (hats-off to the photographers who share them) and the tools and templates at our disposal, help in creating these beautiful posts that get the message across with just a glance.

If you like creating visual content, too, or have to do it on a daily basis as a part of your job, then you might like using some of these tools here. I use them all the time on my desktop and on my phone, to create images, ads and promotions for my website and blog, and for those of my clients, as well.

So, here we go:


I would like to start off with what I call the super-tool of all content visual. When I first started using Canva, it just had a few design templates for social media posts, posters, and greeting cards. However, now it houses a huge collection of templates for every kind of content imaginable. From Twitter post banners to Tumblr graphics, specific templates for Instagram posts, blog graphics, collages, presentations, logos, resume, etc.

They have a section dedicated to marketing materials entirely, and it feels like visiting a Sunday Flea Market, full of colors, variety, fonts, and designs. They have recently introduced some custom banners for LinkedIn, Twitch, and Soundcloud, too. Now available on Playstore and App Store, too!


Wouldn't we all like to create those amazing infographics and presentation cards that are ruling business domains and social media, these days?

An infographic hashtag is liked by almost everyone. Bite-sized content delivered through brilliant graphics makes the task of content creation and delivery way more interesting. Venngage helps you do just that. A comprehensive graphic-design tool, it lets you create:

  • in-depth annual reports with charts,

  • graphs and diagrams

  • professional-looking presentations

  • simple concert posters

  • stunning infographics

  • social media creatives

  • resumes and more...

Tools to create visual content | Venngage |

The tool guides you through the sign up process, and learns about you and your requirements. It then gives you a range of templates from which you can take your pick. The step-by-step tutorial helps you start designing your creatives. In case you need more help, Venngage provides a thorough video tutorial to help to get started with some awesome creatives.

I have been using this tool mostly to create info graphs but given their smooth UI and UX, I guess I would like to try out the other templates as well. Here's a glimpse into the Venngage infographics templates board:

Tools to create visual content | Venngage |

Venngage caters to the business and marketing space but of late I’ve noticed them expanding their range of social media related templates like banners for LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more.


This phone-only app lets you create stunning GIFs by letting you animate words. You can choose from a range of color themes andpatterns of animation.You have 100 characters at your disposal, so create a great copy and make it even greater with some stunning designs and animations. It is free and extremely easy to use. I am unable to upload GIFs so I won't be able to share the one I created with this app. You can find it here, though.

PicsArt Animator

Whoever said, animation is difficult and not for all, did not hear about this fantastic app. Animator let's you create step-by-step drawings, which you can then mobilize to form a complete animation video with just a click. You have the option of controlling the speed of the video, opacity, and number of overlays you would like to have. With this app, animation is a cakewalk! Once again, since I am unable to share a GIF here, I am adding the link, here.

MS Powerpoint

The humble Powerpoint can make creating visual content very easy. I often use Powerpoint to create banners and blog post title images. In fact, for the two beBee honey drops that I had shared, recently, I created the title images using Powerpoint. You can switch the background to images, then add picture overlays and experiment with the wide range of fonts available there.

Free Stock Photos

You can find a wealth of royalty-free stock photos for commercial use at Pexels and Pixabay, my go-to free photo websites. Such rich colors and high dpi images, you will have a hard time choosing one over the other. There are many other photo library options on the internet, but these two happen to be my favorites. You can also download Pixabay's app version from the Play Store and create stunning designs on your phone.

Here you have all the free tools required to create awesome visual content for your buzzes, blogs, and clients. I have been using them for a while and they have returned some great results.

The only other resources you need to pitch in at your end are: patience, some knowledge of typography, and an understanding of the psychology of colors, as in, which color can act as a stimulant to nudge your prospect to engage with your content.

Want to create some awesome visual content for your business' online efforts, and need some help with that? Please feel free to drop in an email here, and I will get in touch with you on how to create stunning, marketable, visual content, soon!

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