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For the Love of Writing

Learning how to write
couldn't be easier...

I often joke that I could even write in my sleep. It has become second nature to me. Something as easy as sipping a cup of coffee or going for a walk. 

How that has been possible is a knack for writing and a ton of practice over a period of 11 years. I have written for publications, SEO agencies. I have written short stories and blogs posts you name it. I can't even say I write for a particular niche, cause I write for everyone and anyone. 

So, when asked how writing comes so easily to me (infinite times), I thought why not break down the techniques that I have used over the years and share it through bite-sized chapters with people who would like to learn writing. 


This book is for anyone who wants to become a:

  • Content writer

  • Copywriter

  • Ghostwriter

  • Author

  • Blogger

  • Writer in general

If you want to pursue a career in any of these or would simply like to refresh on your writing skills, or are looking for a crisp weekend read for the love of writing and non-fiction storytelling, then this is the book you need. 

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