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Some of the most beautiful phenomena are not understood...they are just felt, and experienced

The same holds true for
marketing     &  magic 


And of course,
your brand...


A brand is way more than just a name and logo and there is more to marketing than SEO, ads, and social media posts.  

Every brand has a soul, an essence, a voice which in a mysterious way vibes with that of their creator, the founder. In essence, all brands are truly human. 

We help you discover the humanness of your brand. Our expertise lies in striking real connections with your target audience, be it online, offline, or on the metaverse by truly reaching out to them using the right message, the right channel, and in a way that creates a lifelong connection with them. In business terms, this translates to higher LTVs and lower CAC over time. 


We know you want to know the how behind it, but a magician never reveals their secrets. Yet...

We don't mind sharing ours...

We use generous portions of data and analytics, dashboards rich with consumer data, formulate powerful marketing strategies based on them and create target audience segments that'll blow your mind. We then go ahead and create some of the most WOW copies ever written and serve them up with love to your audience

We don't mind

Our strategy exercise is an experience in itself...


Marketing is often spoken about in relation to psychology and philosophy. The process of carving out a strategy for your offering is one such amazing journey of self discovery through a series of chill talks over coffee. The human mind is complicated and a brand is an image of that mind. It takes a tremendous understanding of psychology and ability to strike honest conversations and of course, out-of-the-box thinking to make it right. 

We help brands with...

Chezare Elefthero, Founder-Mezlac.png

Chezare Eleftehero 
Founder, Mezlac, Mexico

DigiWitch helped us a lot in creating buyer personas and targeted content for Mezlac. Proma helped us create a marketing strategy , plan, and social media content that was aligned to our mission, vision, and overall objective. Thanks to that, we were able to reach the right people, sell Mezlac products and build awareness in the process. We recommend DigiWitch if you want to shape your business to your vision. 


Kapil Arora Founder CEO Transfunnel.png

Kapil Arora 
Founder & CEO, Transfunnel Consulting

I was looking for copywriting services for my company's website and there was some time constraint to it too, as I wanted it done in a week's time. Also, I wanted someone who could deliver niche copywriting services to address my business requirements. Proma handled both the matters very well. She delivered the assignment on time and showed proficiency in the subject matter provided as well.

Ankita sahni_DigiWitch_edited.jpg

Ankita Sahni 
Fitness Instructor & Influencer,
Mama Be Fit

DigiWitch is your one-stop-shop for everything Digital...right from excellent content to great tips to market your content, you will find it all at DigiWitch.

Proma is a wonder woman with words and strategies, and will never give you any advice which is too good to be true. She focuses on quality over quantity and ensures her clients understand how to communicate their value proposition to their TG in the most innovative ways.

She is always available to help you through your doubts and dilemmas and makes for a great guide.


DigiWitch Clients

Write to us...

If you recognise the fact that markets are changing at a mad pace and marketing your product right might be one of the best ways to make your business future stand out in the commotion.

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